Planta Baja – Les tendances de la jeune danse (La Marseillaise)juin 1998

Francis Cossu
18 juin 1998

“ Planta Baja”

Les tendances de la jeune danse (La Marseillaise) June 1998

Promoting the young dance is the leitmotiv for the Uzes Festival. To prove it a colourful evening during which we could discover the more or less well konwn new talents of the moment.

The New Dance Festival at Uzes (FR) is committed to the basic aim of making the audiencediscover the new young generation of choreographers. So its proposal is an evening of short pieces by the new talents, whether already know or not.

In Belgium where she presented her last piece at Charleroi-Danses Festival, KarinePonties is already a well-known and surprising choreographer. With her solo “Planta Baja” (Ground floor would be the literary translation of the title) is a great example of how this choreographer is willing to share her world with us.

The dancer arrives in a lighting effect, the space is divided, a lighting room is conceived, seemingly between a podium and an isolated room. Inside a Latin rhythm, the time a song takes to be played, she sculpts a character part tender part uncomfortable. A kind of clown, dizzy and confused who deals with his story using aconcrete gesturewhich seems getting out of her control. Columbine is going away, we miss her already…

Proving that she has succeeded, brilliantly with her performance; she gave us the chance of sharing in intimacy the essence of an emotive dance.

(translated by Jordi Granados)