Brucelles – Pieds et poings déliés (La Libre Belgique) novembre 2000

Marie Baudet
4 novembre 2000


“Pieds et poings déliés”

La libre Belgique 4 novembre 2000

Charleroi-Danses at the KVS (Kunst Vlamse Schoubourg). At least inside the walls that this theatre is holding in while the old one is being renovated. It’s a premiere nevertheless, a neighbour of the Raffinerie also not capable of holding any performances yet, but does have people rehearsing in the studios, one of those people are the company Dame de Pic/ cie Karine Ponties, in residency at the moment is also co-producer of the piece “Brucelles” presented at the Bottelarij Festival. Dancer for Frederic Flamand, Michele Noiret, Mossoux/Bonté, Nadine Ganase, Pierre Droulers, Fatou Traore, choreograph also since a few years ago, Karine Ponties, shows in the all her creations a following and a conductor line of approach towards her way of working in dance. A very personal way of treating subjects and artist. A rigorous personality, deeply developed, that reaches to us in a progressive gravity, ending by making people explode with the spicy humour that she gets to explore in her performances. Recently and as an example of this specific combination is the quarto of“Negatovas”, the choreographer reinvented the comedy: a moving false, pinching you through it without laughing. Without renouncing at all to the strength of her art – a very contemporary approach of the precise and resolute and astonishing way of dancing- “Brucelles” breaths from the same air sweet and sour that the other work was also built in but now in a wider space, much more opened. A tissue suspended in an unbalanced way, a back scene at the same time light and heavy. A table with napkins, dishes and table coverts, an atmosphere of calm occupation. It stars in the twilight under grave sounds. We are still outside but everything is going to change, we get invited in. We see how this intimacy of the five men dressed in black is liberated, the girl dressed in white. There is a kind of intimate emotion more than feelings that we can sense. A small chaos, sweet and provocative of trust and challenge. In-between a dance of kitchen staff and servers of a coffee bar. “Brucelles” has the intelligence of getting the quotidian in all the different ways without letting it be obvious, still singular and always renovating, changing it. The object itself serves for the gesture being omnipresent; the movement appropriates it at the very moment, making it live instantly, and pushing it to the limit, turning it around. There is a game and we enjoy it, with Juan Benitez, Alessandro Bernarderschi, Eric Domeneghetty, Jean Fürst, Cécile Loyer and Mauro Paccagnella. The sound track of Didier Casamitjana, moves us, sprinkling, jazzy, Reggie together with the remarkably light design ofFlorence Richard, making all this complexity, lucid and very well dressed.

(translated by Jordi Granados)