Brucelles – La tragi-comédie de la vie (Le Soir) novembre 2000

J.M. Wuyants
6 novembre 2000

Point de Vue


La tragi-comédie de la vie


There are five men (Juan Benitez, Alessandro Bernardeschi, Eric Domeneghetty, Jean Fürst and Mauro Paccagnella, all dressed in dark colours, wandering about on the stage, running from one side to the other, sliding to the floor to encounter the single woman on stage dressed in white ( Cecile Loyer). From time to time she participates in their frantic agitation. At other moments she just observes them. After her precedent three choreographies Karine Ponties has come to realise this project mixing even more if possible the theatre and dance in a truly and single conducting line, structured and linear. In a décor full of forks, spoons all over the stage, the five interpreters seem to train in the skills of setting a table. Their actions are at the same time extremely precise and devoiced of intention, a sort of perpetually excitation, giving the impression of doing something while we perceive the emptiness of their actions. A strange universe seemingly close to the kind of life we are dealing with in our crazy world today. Dark and cruel at some stages, this piece proves also the humoristic approach of the chosen theme, around which a cascade of actions are conceived and realised. The dance is very expressive and seems to translate sometimes in a literary way common expressions like the one of “throwing one self into work”. But here every moment is a realistic accomplishment, choreographically prolonged overloading the body, breaking it, sending it in rotation over him self, in a desperate run away. Tragic comedies from which we are astonished, surprised and evidently happy.

(translated by Jordi Granados)