Scenes – Décembre 2005

Cedric Juliens
Décembre 2005

“Mi non Sabir”

Magazine “Scenes” December 2005

Cedric Jules

“ A world o sweating and gatherings”


As a starting point a commissioned work by Trans Dance Europe: to create in a month and in Brussels a choreographic piece with dancers from Tzecheque Republic. “ I’ve chosen four different types of individuals who do not get necessarily well together –explains Karine Ponties-, in order to cultivate their differences and to experiment the art of gathering”

…” From some time already, I appreciate to work with men only. To create a universe with men is more simple: they are more basic”

…” We didn’t set a fix concept to start with, but directed the work towards the encountering”

…” They had to accept their differences and suddenly the comradely and the tenderness appeared till the point where in some scenes caresses and kind of pieta moments arises. But in order to get there you have to go trough confrontation: you can not approach someone if you have not learn to push him away first”

…” Some of them found themselves disorientated when you get close to the intimate sphere, others don’t. From this gatherings, encounters a tender sense is being built without necessarily getting to the sensual aspect nothing really to do with homosexuality but more with trust and abandon: what to do with your aggressiveness with your predator instinct in this situations?”

(translated by Jordi Granados)