Scheggia is a work for 11 dancers created over an 11-day span by Karine Ponties as part of Dance Connect, a project by Dance City (the National Dance Agency for the North of England, based in Newcastle).

Dance Connect is a professional development project that gives young graduates (ideally six women and six men) an opportunity to take part in a two-week choreographic workshop under the direction of an internationally recognised choreographer. The workshop culminates in the presentation of a work at the Gulbenkian Studio in Newcastle.


Choreography: Karine Ponties

Dancers: Kirsty Mathieson, Marine Broise, Emma James, Monja Boonzaier, Nicole McSkimming, Inka Hella, Kath Dugggan, Emily Dodd, Karyn Pickard, Gary Clarke, Emma Cole.

Premiere: November 16, 2001 at the Gulbenkian Studio in Newcastle (England).

Production: Dance Connect Graduate Project in Newcastle (UK).

16.11.2001 → 2001-11-17DanceCity Festival Newcastle, Newcastle, United Kingdom