Humus vertebra, book-dvd

Illustrated book by Stefano Ricci introducing free drawings and a selection of drawings made for the animated films from the performance Humus vertebra. Besides the illustrations, the book includes a dvd with these animated films (by Stefano Ricci): Uomocane, Invacca, Uomopatata, Parata and Rotola (menu), and also two films “video memory” by Cristiano Carloni and Stefano Franceschetti : Humus vertebra and Drops on floor, recorded at Théâtre Les Tanneurs (Brussels) in January 2010.

Second edition, selling price: 29.50 euros

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  • Abao (Brussels)
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  • Librairie La Hune (Paris)
  • Librairie Wallonie-Bruxelles (Paris)
  • La Libreria (Paris)
  • 7L Librairie (Paris)


Printing: Tipografia Negri

A coedition Dame de Pic asbl, Mami Verlag, D406 Arte Contemporanea, Inter Logos – ISBN 978-2-9600916