Et Caetera Desunt

05.09.2023 Youth Cultural Center – Skopje (North Macedonia)

And the rest is omitted, forgotten, left behind, hidden

Every woman carries within herself an instinctive strength, rich in creative gifts and ancient knowledge. But sometimes society silences this wild woman to fit her into the restrictive mold of assigned roles. Seek in the encounter that buried part, vibrant, full of vitality and generosity.

Simple objects that are part of women’s daily life – a plate, a glass, a shopping net, a piece of wire fence, a shoe, and a red scarf – that’s what transforms a woman in appearance, into a femme fatale, or a witch… Wearing red and black.

Black, the color of mud, the fertile base material in which ideas are planted, the color of a world between worlds, another space where the wildest woman reigns in the feminine universe, and also the promise that you will learn something you do not know.

Red, a color of sacrifice, anger, but also of vibrant life, dynamic emotions, and desire.

Telling stories together, these stories aim to set the inner life in motion.

Seeking animality is getting closer to a certain wild woman and finding oneself in the presence of two beings. The external being and the inner creature. One living in the world above and the other in a world that is not easily seen.

A band of women like a pack of wolves with soft or strong energies, trying to get rid of affects as much as possible. Wolves know what it is to be together, seeking animality in this group of women, the animal within, the stranger within, in listening, observing, being together, sharing the breath.

There always remains to know other steps, other levels, other ages, other “first times,” other arches under which to prepare to pass to gain access to new knowledge.

We do not see the world with our two eyes alone but with the thousands of eyes of intuition. Intuition makes us similar to the night filled with stars.

Karine Ponties was invited by the Tanz Transformator program, organized by the Beatrix Cultural Center in Skopje, North Macedonia, to work with local dancers on this new creation: Et Caetera Desunt.

Beatrix Platform / Photos © Anja Kalin


Photos © Anja Kalin


Choreograper Karine Ponties

Performers Nadja Lukanovska, Tereza Lazarev Bisera Dimcheva, Eva Dzingova, Ivana Balabanova, Elena Stojkoska & Teodora Ežovska

Production Beatrix Cultural Center

Financial manager Pavel Maslov

With the support of Embassy of Switzerland in North Macedonia and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

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