Mi non sabir – Les Hivernales d’Avignon

Tardone - les hivernales d'Avignon
février 2006

“Mi non sabir”

Les hivernales d’Avignon



“The hivernales of Avignon, raw 2006:transmitting…lets dance!

Two artists have made us breath with a coming wind, air of modernity during the presentation of this Hivernales bill edition: the Belgium Karine Ponties with “Mi non sabir”…

…With humour and creativity they have proposed a vision of dance less conceptual and egocentric, much more collective centred in new forms of communication between individuals. They have questioned in a different way the relation of an individual in the group and at the same time the relation between the dancer and the choreographer who finds him diluted into this collectivism.

(Translated by Jordi Granados)