Le Devoir, May 2000

André Martin de Montréal


Destination Wallonie!“ Le Devoir “ Montréal mai 2000

The Belgium dance has a specific place inside the international choreographic panorama. With the “Objectif Danse”, that took place this last week in Brussels, the dance in Wallonie has given herself a place in the performing scene.


…In this context “Brucelles” the choreographic piece of Karine Ponties shines on trough the richness of the choreographic universe staged. In this piece for five men and a women irony encounters the absurdity together with the implicit relation of surrealism and humour approach. Close to the conducting line of work of people like Kantor, Bausch and Nadj, using also as part of her inspiration the identity of Brussels, “Brucelles” is among those works that take you and mark you by the presence of the interpreters, the originality of the choreographic, setting and staging elements used, as well as for the intelligent use of the conjugation of all of them together. In this frantic coming and going of imprevisible actions, a man gets on top of a pile of dishes and starts singing with the register of a castrati, another takes a dish and uses it as a pillow, the other sets the table on the floor and one starts a coughing crisis and so on. As the absurdity of the circus clowns mixed with the intelligence of theatre actors, their dance as their actions, real gesture discussion, transferring a strong energy inside the astonishing corporal density. An ironic poetry enhanced with a delirious imagination, unsung for a delicious piece.

(Translated by Jordi Granados)