La Provence , février 2006

Daniel Carraz

“Mi non sabir”

Among laughs and trances

TDE Avignon

Les hivernales 2006

A contrasting evening at the Benoît XII theatre for two Czech performances of the project of Trans Dance Europe. Humour and more humour to start with. The four Czech dancers astonish in “Mi non sabir” a choreographic piece by Karine Ponties. And on top they make us laugh.

What can one do when the impressible arises every instant from the other? To answer him with a turn even more impressible?

To gather up in a human concretion? To be transformed in a kind of monument or to walk together tighten in a giant crab from which we can hardly guess to whom belong which leg? Sometimes attracting each other, sometimes refusing it till the point of gathering in a trio, a duet or a solo, taking refuge in an irresistible belly dance…the body absolutely abandoned, becomes a toy to the comrade. Submission and then escape. Together again, side-by-side they are swimming. They look for each other, surprisingly fresh, vivid a smile.

(Translated by Jordi Granados)