Danser, April 2006

Nicolas Six "Danser" (Jeux de societé) Les Hivernales, Festival d'Avignon
Avril 2006

“Mi non Sabir” April 2006

Nicolas Six

“Danser” (Games of society)

Les hivernales d’Avignon

Disturbing sent of going back to school…Four dancers take shyly their places like they didn’t know each other. They watch each other, they judge each other; one takes a risk and performs a gesture…The task is important; the first movements give the owner a kind of status in the group. A big classic: loads of choreographers have dug in the radiography of the articulated social interaction from which the small details make and help arise the complicities and, or the dominating status of the individuals. But this approach of Karine Ponties shows us these social articulations from a different perspective. Her dancers are impassibly, out go the emotions that burn the senses: we cannot identify ourselves with their actions. Their movements are of a great inventive, we can see creatures of four legs, witness a kind of gesture like boomerang combat, a perpetual forest of limbs in constant evolution…the whole bathing in a hilarious and burlesque atmosphere that gives us the opportunity of loosing out our jaws by laughing desperately.

(Translated by Jordi Granados)