Creative process


In the construction of my dance performances, I try to bring individuals together at frontiers, in places where things happen, developing the stories of details, codes, games and rhythm. My performances explore the world of territory, the ‘between’, the interstices of bodies that rub against each other, of individuals going astray, of loss, of fragile states … they translate the depths of these states into a distorted language, funny and poetic, by trying to address thoughts, feelings, intuition and the senses. The meaning is never fixed, it cannot be more fragile and it remains fleetingly open to every imagination.

I primarily construct the choreography by sharing and combining the different forms of expression of each individual participating in the project. Through this notation that develops during each piece, I try to express the fragmented life of the body, the enigma of a struggle, and all those little variations that make a being appear extraordinary to us.

The precise elements that make up these danced scores, in the decomposition of every motion, every tremor, every shudder, seem to transform the formal into something grotesque, order into disorder, the partitioning in space of freedom and playfulness. These deformations, twists and exaggerations are a way of painting precision in all its ambiguities.

Thinking in images

It is by seeking every detail hidden within a body, all its possibilities, that I push it to the point that it delivers the error, the error around which one can coil, where the body is freed from its restraints, its exasperations. The detail becomes an pretext to explore, to sublimate. And the action transfigures the triviality of the gesture in this absurd universe that questions us on the finality of the act: its gratuitousness, its magnitude, its perversion, and its subversion…

To slide into the gap and to hold one’s breathe so that nothing escapes.

Dance is a means rather than an end to allow the body to experiment by testing its limits, its identity and enigma.

Bodies that are constructed and demolished, that unfold then retract, transform, deform, that rise and fall, are lost and found, filled and emptied.

All the while juggling, associating the minuscule with the grandiose, by organizing chaos, by showing the extreme in order to approach normality, the essential, intuition. Searching for contradictory states.

Discipline, work and abandonment

The theme of the work is in the body: upheavals and abandonments.

Abandonment – contraction – a body that reacts, explodes, unfolds, and radiates outwards – communicative.

There is perhaps no better reason to produce art than to explore the world as it is, while distorting it. The possibilities are endless. In all my creations, I conduct the same research, each time from a different angle, developing specific aspects.

Karine Ponties