Dancer, choreographer

Italian dancer, actor and choreographer, Mauro Paccagnella studied dance in Padua and was a laureate of Fame in New York, 1984, and of the CPP of Reggio Emilia, 1985.

He settled in Brussels in 1991, where he works with the Plan K (trilogy Flamand/Plessi), Charleroi/Danses (productions of Steven Petronio, K. Armitage and A. Borriello), Karine Ponties, Fatou Traoré, Mossoux-Bonté, among others. He also was a dancer/actor for Caterina Sagna company.

He is a performer in the films Intempéries by Nicole Mossoux. He performed in In the wood and in From Inside, two installations by Thierry de Mey.

In 1993 he founded the group “Un Oeuf Est Un Oeuf” – Biters Productions with Gilles Monnart and Joz Deconinck. Creation and performance of Antarctica 1998, De drager van de Blicksemsicht met het blauwe Gezicht, Pictures Pirates and Pictures, Hocus Pocus Plets, etc.

In 1998 he founded the collective Woosh’ing Machine with Didier Casamitjana, Joz Deconinck and Florence Richard.

2001 saw the birth of the project Dog-tricks. Creation of LabPilote with 12 guest artists, Zwaarden with Martine Lunshof, Le Bal with Alessandro Bernardeschi, Crossover, a video-installation by Deconinck and Wittevrongel, and Babylonia kiss with Alessandro Bernardeschi.

In 2005 he created Jiggery Pokery / Subalina in collaboration with Stéphane Broc, The Third Person (Oliver Flexman and Steven Dickie), Ayelin Parolin and Benaji Mohammed.

The Siegfried Swan Song Project starts soon after Paris. The first two episodes, Siegfried forever and Bayreuth FM, have been nominated at the Belgian Press Prize as Best Choreography in 2006 and 2008.