Set designer

French visual artist, set designer and theatre director based in Prague since 2010. Marie studied Animation Cinema at the ENSAD Paris (École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) as well as at VŠUP in Prague for an Erasmus exchange. She is the recipient of the Frédéric de Carfort Award (2011) as well as the ENSAD Sculpture Award (2009) for her sculpture work.

In the Czech Republic, she has worked in the field of Movie Animation as animator, colorist or decorator for Haffan film or Anifilm studio for example. As set designer, she has worked on pieces such as DIFFERENT? (Barbora Látalová, Zdenka Svíteková, 2016), IMAGO (Lucia Kašiarová, 2014), or on in situ projects for the KoresponDance Festival (Dominique Boivin, Jean Gaudin 2014-2017) as well as for Pisum Sativum (Karine Ponties for JAMU, 2012).

She also frequently collaborates with French and Swiss teams. Since 2015, she is a member of the physical theatre company tYhle. In 2016, she presented her first dance piece, UN, as director/choreographer, in which she also performed alongside Florent Golfier. Then, in the spring 2017, her second piece LEGOrytmus on a commission by the Studio ALTA (physical theatre and contemporary danse theater in Prague).

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