Costume designer

Gaëlle Marras is an actor, director and costume designer.

After her studies in Dramatic Arts at the Conservatoire de Bruxelles, she worked most notably under the direction of Julien Roy, Jean-Claude Idée, Frédéric Ruymen, Alain Cofino Gomez, Hervé Guerisi, Jean-François Demeyère. Her curiosity without limits and a deep appeal towards the technicality of making, playing with materials and the language of shapes have naturally led her to costume design and making. This new dimension brought her to pursuing a Fashion Design degree at St Luc Bruxelles from 2008 à 2011. She then worked with Jeroen Bayens, of the Rien de Spécial collectif, and assisted Françoise Van Tienen at the Théâtre Le Public.

In 2013, along her costume design practice, she also co-founded “Traces Collectif”, a collective of actors with which she signed the direction and costume design of “Berty Albrecht” by Michèle Fabien in 2016. As of now, she mainly focuses on costume design and making. She collaborates in 2017 with la Maison du Conte de Bruxelles for perfomance “Ennemi intime”, with the compagnie Bloom for “Le voyage d’Anna Blum de Paul Auster”, as well as with the Théâtre de Liège, for “Spam”, directed by Hervé Guerrisi.

“Le sourire des égarés” is her first collaboration with Karine Ponties.