Studio Dame de Pic : Le Labeur

In June 2023, the company Dame de Pic inaugurated its new creative space.

Le Labeur aims to create a space for communication with creative and dissemination structures, a laboratory for projects, a place for the company, partners or collaborators to take up residence, and a place for emerging artists who don’t yet have institutional support.

This place, a place of research and creation, is not a performance space; what we want to promote and strengthen is a productive approach. Creation at the centre, as a link, a vector and a force for transmission.

Please contact for all inquiries, bookings, etc.

Our residents… Marie Phan, Merhzad Katheb, Martina Martinez Barjacoba, Ares D’Angelo, Kangkang Deng, Quentin Chaveriat, Pierre Verplancken, Framboise Arbez, Natacha Belova, Cie Une Compagnie, Oblique Compagnie, Tumbelweed, Gazon-Nève, La Bête Noire, Indance International, Dunia Dance Theatre, …