Scenes Danse, December 2000

La libre Belgique


Corps brut en confrontation (Scenes Danse) December 2000

By proposing her work “Brutalis” Karine Ponties gives her fully, confronting herself with the risks of being confined in a research of sensibility. She in her whole also because she dances alone. Not alone in the conception because it has being done in collaboration for the project together with drawing designer Thierry Van Hasselt, they had worked as a team and this is their accomplishment. With the interaction of a black base and with a body as element, a book and a choreographic piece are born. So in the drawings we discover the dance and in the choreography we go trough the book. The duet work generates here a great amount of fascinating and surprising images. At the Brigittines scene the scenography is signed by Thierry Van Hasselt we have also Eric Domeneghetty (artist) and Wilfrid Roche (plastician) the actual choreography begins with the light effect in order to give a starting point in the development of the evolution of a body in a sweet violent, fragile, ironic and all that in the opposite order too. We assume the birth, the growing, the introspection, the quest of oneself, the need of appearing, the abandoning point and again the search, the quest…

The half dark ambience pushes to de discovering and send us to meet the body linked to the object and the consistence. The darkness talks to us, the subtle lighting of Florence Richard in deed working in the same pattern as the whole piece has being conceived. She offers us great examples of contrast in which she gets even to draw trough her lighting of the space, touching and defining the body itself. Body for which the “dance is only a mean a way to experience the boundaries to be explored, the limits and the what the body will become from and after that” something Karine Ponties knows how to do very well. Guided also in her search with the music of Jean Kuijkes, parallel alchemist component.

(translated by Jordi Granados)