Vecinas is a choreographic work for eight dancers created as part of the fourth Programme des pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes. It was the result of a four-week creative residency in Helsinki. This choreography marks a first ensemble work created with second-year students in the dance department in Helsinki.

The departure point for the work: The story of a prototype and its quasi-identical copies in which manufacturing errors abound, creating a strange-looking creature in an improbable city.

An imaginary city out of time and place, its architecture impossible. A little old lady has come from there. She seems at once a lost child and a sweet yet tough old woman. A puppet of sorts, made of flotsam. Sunglasses, a white dress; she walks inexorably toward an absurd destiny.

She does nothing. This state, doing nothing but walking, occupies all of her time. Haunted by memories, she wanders.

Suddenly, in the narrow alleys of this precarious city, an hallucination:

There are many of them. Always the same one strolling about in a white dress with her handbag and glasses, trying to maintain her balance. Familiar expressions of solitude are recognised without acknowledgment and without meeting. A multiplied lady in the labyrinth; they engage in a playful and enigmatic game in this nonsensical world.


Choreography: Karine Ponties

Dancers: Marjo Laakkonen, Jenny Laukkonen, Sönam Matos, Marina Peuranen, Reetta Rönkkö, Nadja Sarell, Ruussu Sunila et Jussi Nousiainen.

Lights: Florence Richard

Music score: Turtle Island, Bola de Nieve, Art Zoyd

Premiere: 30 October 1996 at Savoy Teatteri, Helsinki, Finland.

Production: Sanna Pohjonen

This project has been produced in Helsinki within the framework of Les Pépinières européennes for young artists.

07.10.1997 • Pépinières Européennes pour jeunes artistes – Les Arbalestriers, Mons, Belgium