European EUNIC / Intradance 2010 Project

“Working the contained interior elegance that carries four dancers and deforming them by creating strange characters. The gestural eccentricities of these individuals create strangely familiar statements that make no attempt to imitate life, but restore its docile and at the same time grotesque undulations.

Four shifting dreamers.

In a place beyond time, with, as the only elements, a chair and a table… A waiting room, an antechamber… A place of autopsy, order or disorder, dreams.

Pushed, knocked about, we leave.”

Karine Ponties

Mirliflor was awarded the Golden Mask 2011 (National Theatre Award in Russia) for the best contemporary dance performance.

INTRADANCE is organised within the framework of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) and is managed by the Centre Culturel Francais in cooperation with the German Goethe-Institut, the British Council, the Portuguese Instituto Camoes and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura. The project is funded by the European Union.

A Karine Ponties production for four dancers from Dialogue Dance, dance company based in Kostroma.

Dialogue Dance http://www.dialogue-dance.ru/

Dance Agency TSEKH http://www.tsekh.ru/

Intradance http://www.intradance.ru

Choreography: Karine Ponties

Interpretation: Ivan Estegneev, Mariya Kachalkova, Tatyana Karavanova, Evgeny Kulagin

Choreography assistant: Eric Domeneghetty

Original music: David Monceau

Light design: Pavla Beranova

Length: 50 minutes

This project was produced within the framework of the European EUNIC / Intradance 2010 Project. Dame de Pic / Cie Karine Ponties is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the French Community of Belgium and Wallonie-Bruxelles International.

02.09.2017 • Magadan Theater, Magadan, Russia

11.03.2017Stansia Art Venue, Kostroma, Russia

30.04.2014 • Isadora Dance Festival, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

27.04.2014Stansia Art Venue, Kostroma, Russia

07.09.2013 → 2013-09-08Stansia Art Venue, Kostroma, Russia

04.09.2013 → 2013-09-05 • Golden Mask festival tour / Drama Theatre, Ulyanovsk, Russia

22.10.2011 → 2011-10-23Stansia Art Venue, Kostroma, Russia

08.10.2011Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences Festival (Rencontres IETM) – PWST Theatre, Cracovie, Poland

09.04.2011 → 2011-04-10Aktovy Zal (Golden Mask Festival), Moscou, Russia

01.04.2011 → 2011-04-03Stansia Art Venue, Kostroma, Russia

11.12.2010Meyerhold Centre – Tsekh Festival, Moscou, Russia

28.10.2010 → 2010-10-29Halles de Schaerbeek, Bruxelles, Belgium

21.10.2010 → 2010-10-22Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris, France

17.07.2010 → 2010-07-18Dance Agency TSEKH, Moscou, Russia

22.05.2010 → 2010-05-23Intradance, Moscou, Russia

28.04.2010 → 2010-04-30Dialogue dance, Kostroma, Russia