Le sourire des égarés

Premiere on 1st and 2nd February 2018 – Festival Pays de Danses (Liège)

Le Sourire des égarés (or The Wanderers’ Smile) is a piece about hope, about the human capacity to overcome any obstacle. Survival instinct gives every human being their chance; resilience is always on the side of the living and offers them the chance to turn their flaws into a luminous and unaltered driving force.

A piece to talk of those beings who, standing on shaky grounds, have gotten used to instability.

To talk of those who are troubled, erratic, impulsive, overworked, obsessed, outcast. Accidents have become an integral part of who they are, they are unpredictable, they have a broken rhythm, restless and on edge. It is first and foremost these damn bodies that make their lives difficult, always counterbalanced by the others’ support.

We must lose our balance to understand the world.

Human beings are a sum of accidents, of modifications. They are a prototype that keeps on trying all the time, to avoid a lifetime of failure. Their ability is to turn weaknesses, fragilities and flaws into qualities; a necessary dysfunction for poetry to occur.

Each of these ‘abnormal’ ways of behaving, talking, or just being in space and time, is profoundly human. They are traits that shed an unexpected light on our own ‘normality’. To discover what’s most unique and universal within ourselves – that trembling flame of our inner worlds that, through and beyond all our differences, lays at the heart of our common humanity.

An astonishing proof of humankind’s adaptability, and yet is is mostly an expression of our unshakable obstinacy to keep on ‘standing’, to find a meaning in the experiences brought by life, pain and effort.

Poetry andjoy survive in this huge discrepancy, thanks to an ability to play tricks on everything, to play with everything, from the absurd to the tragic. Humans are just like that, definitely looking towards life.


Choreographer Karine Ponties

Dancers Ares D’Angelo, Eric Domeneghetty, Florencia Demestri, Vilma Pitrinaite

Dramaturg and light designer Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin

Sound technician Benjamin Pasternak

Stage and light technicians Andrea Messana and Pier Gallen

Composer David Monceau

Scenographers Wilfrid Roche Maëstroni and Marie Gourdain

Costume designer Gaëlle Marras

Photographer Andrea Messana

Producer Rachel Goldenberg

Assistant producer Nerina Cocchi

Dame de Pic/Cie Karine Ponties.

Coproduction Théâtre de Liège, Les Brigittines, La Coop asbl

With the support of the tax-shelter from the Belgian Federal government.

22.02.2018 → 2018-02-24 • Festival In Movement, Les Brigittines, Belgium

01.02.2018 → 2018-02-02 • Festival Pays de Danses, Liège, Belgium