Le Complot du quotidien

Wilkie Branson

Premiere from 28th March to 1st April 2023 at Les Brigittines, Brussels

Dialogue between concrete and abstract.

Diverting everyday acts, the way they move through the body. How the everyday recurs in the body. Bringing those gestures that belong in everyday life onto a choreographic path. Charging the imagination with this everyday overload. Using accidents like motors. Diverting the scheming of the everyday, inverting it.

Fighting between one’s will and its everyday reality. The overabundant impediments. Everything that escapes you, everything you get wrong, it’s all a bit too close or a bit too far. Starting from everyday situations, those gestures that come without support, how that modifies the relationship. How dreams inhabit the everyday. The déjà vus, body memory, ghost sensations (sugar falling but no sugar on the table). How figures, characters appear or disappear. A Roman emperor passing by, us perceiving his tensions, and he’s gone, or a sculpture inhabiting the body for a few moments. A puppet coming to life for an instant. Allowing the strange, the abstract, the quirky within. Testing the world. Considering the world through sensation. Never being ready for the world. Living, it’s moving from one space to another while trying not to bang into things.


Choregraphy Karine Ponties

Performers Ares D’Angelo, Martina Martinez Barjacoba &Eric Domeneghetty

Dramaturgy and light design Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin

Sound Quentin Simon

Stage technician Antoine Plaisant

Costumes Gaëlle Marras

Assistant costume designer Cinzia Derome

Original music David Monceau

Scenography Stephan Dubrana

Photo © Andrea Messana

Production Dame de Pic/Cie Karine Ponties
In coproduction with Les Brigittines – Playhouse for Movement, Charleroi Danse – Choreographic Center of the Wallonie-Bruxelles

Dame de Pic / Cie Karine Ponties is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, service danse and Wallonie-Bruxelles International.

28.03.2023 → 2023-04-01Brigittines – Playhouse for Movement, Brussels, Belgium