Premiere on 14-15-16th March 2019 – Festival XS (Brussels)

To make a hole in the darkness and to shatter the mirror in ourselves. Tarkovsky

FOVEA stems from the desire of working with Ares in great detail.

What fascinates me about him is movement itself as a great contradiction.

A being’s identity is the struggle between two hemispheres that send opposite instructions, and in him this is pushed to the extreme. In his body electric impulses trigger muscle contractions and develop into an augmented force in a state close to unconsciousness.

He throws himself and his entire body headlong into the struggle, without hesitation, or markers, without limits or restraint, he lets that stranger inhabiting the back of our heads fully invade him.

From all sides, an avalanche of thoughts, and incongruous movements elude him the very moment they are born, sharpening his movement like arrows. These changes of state are the motor of his core, rooted in the heart of this contradictory body.

FOVEA is the rewriting of this body swept through by holes, by glimmers, by moments of incoherence. A poetical language like a perishable form of what goes through our body, escapes us and overwhelms us.

To remain standing is an act of resistance, and not a posture, it is a state of affairs that requires a particular attention. To be human requires paying attention. But to move beyond this constant struggle, not to be “only” standing, we must abandon ourselves, move forward, engage, commit ourselves to a struggle, an active resistance.

Maybe the only meaning is intensity without meaning, as expressed by Roberto Juarroz.

Choregrapher Karine Ponties

Performer Ares D’Angelo

Dramaturg and light designer Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin

Costume designer Gaëlle Marras

Music advice David Monceau

Producer Anne Nicolle

Assistant producer Nerina Cocchi

Dame de Pic/Cie Karine Ponties

With the support of SACD, Le Boson, Centre Culturel Garcia Lorca, Dance Base and Le 140

10.11.2023 → Crac’s, Sambreville, Belgium

28.10.2023Dissidanza International Festival, Palermo, Italy

16.09.2022 → 2022-09-17 • Zahrada, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

22.10.2021Festival TenDance, Latina, Roma, Italy

16.10.2019 • Objectifs Danse 9, Bruxelles, Belgium

11.10.2019 • Tipperary Dance Platform/ Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company, Tipperary, Republic of Ireland

29.06.2019 • Festival Mouvements sur la Ville , Montpellier, France

28.04.2019 • Festival Conformazioni, Palermo, Italy

15.04.2019 • Ambasada, Timișoara, Romania

14.04.2019 • WASP, Bucarest, Romania

14.03.2019 → 2019-03-16 • Festival XS – Théâtre National, Bruxelles, Belgium

23.11.2018 • Dance Base, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

13.10.2018 • Festival Danse avec les Foules, Bruxelles, Belgium

09.12.2017 → 2017-12-10 • Festival MIMESIS, Paris, France