Four artists. One performer. A blank canvas. An inspiring muse.

Fascinated by the theme of inspiration, Daniela Lucà appealed to four artists: two directors and two choreographers, two men and two women. She offered them a blank page, the “neutral” body of a chameleon performer around the theme of “Muse”, the mediator between the divine and the artist.

In this project, Daniela Lucà explores three characters: the Mona Lisa, in a stage production and text by Pietro Pizzuti; Nora Barnacle, the companion and inspiration of James Joyce, in a stage production by Françoise Berlanger and the Brazilian singer Maria Bethania, in a choreography by Claudio Bernardo. The fourth piece is inspired by Daniela herself and choreographed by Karine Ponties.

The creation “Pagina Bianca” has four parts, which can be presented together in one evening programme or separately.


Note to accompany “Absentia”
Daniela Lucà / Karine Ponties

“I really tried to choose one specific muse, but to be honest… I was unable to do so because very often these muses, these women, had to escape eye of the artist to become someone.

In close proximity to these artists, they were “absorbed”. It’s as if they were shadows that could only emerge into the light once they were separated from these artists. So they form part of the shadows, of secrecy, they are a kind of crutch and always lovers. A strong presence filled with absence… In reality we know little about these characters, they are always surrounded by dreams and mystery.

Daniela carries a feeling like this for me. I would like to try and cross this icon, this concentration of contrasts, representing her through multiple states of the body.” Karine Ponties


Concept of Project Pagina Bianca and interpretation: Daniela Lucà

Choreography: Karine Ponties

Light design: Marco Forcella

Sound manager: Daniel Tursch

Length: 15 minutes

A project coproduced by Théâtre de la Place/Liège, Charleroi/Danses, Théâtre de la Balsamine/Brussels, As Palavras – Cie Claudio Bernardo/Mons, in collaboration with Dame de Pic / Cie Karine Ponties, and with the support of Ministère de la Culture de la Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la danse.

03.03.2011 → 2011-05-03 • Centre culturel Jacques Franck, Brussels, Belgium

24.11.2011Salle Columban-Espace de Cultures, Louvrange, Belgium

21.10.2011 → 2011-10-22National Theater of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea

14.09.2011 → 2011-09-16Théâtre de la Place, Liège, Belgium

05.02.2010 • Pays de Danse / St-Luc , Liège, Belgium

02.02.2010 • Pays de Danse / St-Luc , Liège, Belgium