20 Years of Dame de Pic

« 20 Years of Dame de Pic » is a 20 minutes journey through Dame de Pic directed by UK choreographer and dance video artist Wilkie Branson.

Karine asked him to select the “highlights” from the company’s video archives (almost forty pieces at the time) and accomplish the impossible mission of sharing 20 years of creation in a 20-minute short-film.

For Wilkie, associate artist at Sadler’s Wells for his research in video-dance at the border between body, animation and movement, it was also an opportunity to play and experiment with animation tools in 3D.

What emerged from this challenge is a journey through Karine’s work, with great energy and emotion, powerful yet delicate. A precious moment where one can perceive the absurd, the quirky, the touch of humor that always characterizes the company’s work.

A film by Wilkie Branson with the support of Shantala Pèpe

Original music David Monceau

Pieces in order of appearance
Dame de Pic (1996)—Glabelle (1999)—Negatovas (1999)—Brucelles (2000)—Capture d’un caillot (2001)—Brutalis (2002)—Le chant d’amour du grand singe (2005)—Holeulone (2006)—Humus Vertebra (2009)—Mirliflor (2010)—Tuco (2010)—Lamali Lokta (2012)—Luciola (2013)—SOI (2014)—Tyran(s) (2014)—Hero% (2015)

Karine Ponties—Alessandro Bernardeschi—Neil Cadger—Didier Casamitjana—Mauro Paccagnella—Juan Benitez—Éric Domeneghetty—Jean Fürst—Cécile Loyer—Anna Moreno-Lasalle—Sabrina Marsili—Jaro Vinarsky—Claudio Stellato—Ivan Estegneev—Mariya Kachalkova—Tatyana Karavanova—Evgeny Kulagin—André Braga—João Vladimiro—Ricardo Machado—Thomas Chopin—Anna Réti—Wilfrid Roche Maëstroni—Ares D’Angelo—Shantala Pèpe—Vilma Pitrinaite—Mathieu Desseigne

Archive footage filmed by
Philippe Baste-Patrick Spadrille-Laurent Cadet-Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin-Eric Domeneghetty-Mauro Paccagnella-Frederico Lobo-João Vladimiro-Denis Moschenko-Michel Jakar-Thierry Thibaudeau

Production Dame de Pic/Cie Karine Ponties