les hivernales d’Avignon, February 2006

Tardone "les hivernales d'Avignon"
février 2006

“Mi non sabir”

Les hivernales d’Avignon


“The public of the hivernales bends over laughing with Karine Ponties work!”

What a pleasant surprise in this evening of the hivernales bill program at the Benoît XII scene in Avignon with the Belgium choreographer Karine Ponties and her piece “Mi non sabir”

Four Czech dancers are on stage dressed in minimal clothing one of them with a bath towel around the waste as a whole costume setting. In front of us, this quarto of dancers will perform a burlesque exercise, getting close to the ground and to the other body’s they are going to work on their human relations. You ought to see them stepping or getting in each other ways in order to establish the supremacy of the leader in the group, they show themselves in a puerile state as well as trying to show of their talents in divers ways, showing tenderness and solidarity at times. On my side I had really a big problem trying to hold my laughter when one of the dancers try’s to hide inside a box: is he making fun of the contemporary dance approach (how not to think about Christian Rizzo?)

If Karine Ponties offers us an amusing look over the masculine collectivism is always with a great sense of respect and tenderness. Of course there is nothing revolutionary about this subject; what surprises us is the of tone of the energy in this quartet, the choreographic gestures that give the body’s a fragile consistence.

This show is much very welcome: gives to the “Trans Dance Europe” vivacity far from the cold proposition seen to this stage (William Petit, Nomadi Co)

(Translated by Jordi Granados)