Plastic artist, set designer, photographer

Wilfrid Roche Maestroni first trained at the Fine Arts School of Avignon.

From 1989 to 2000, he was co-author and co-producer in the art intervention group Lola Muance. The concept was to create every time in situ an ephemeral and luminous form with fluorescent elements. This group worked among others at Musée Calvet in Avignon (Echappée – 1996 and Carex – 2000), at Stratfestival in Berlin (1993), at Festival Coup de Chauffe in Cognac (1995), at Festival d’Uzès (form 1992 to 1994), etc.

Since 2000 he regularly works with the Ateliers Artefact (Courthezon): painting, digital imagery, conception and production, etc. He continued his collaboration with Musée Calvet several times (installations and projections in 2001, 2002, 2007) and periodically responded to commissions for lighting designs in public and private locations.

Since 2006, he collaborates with Jean-Pierre Charrière on spectral compositions (Nuits romanes, festival des concerts allumés 2006, 2007 et 2008).

Set designs “Au dehors” compagnie KIT 2008 and “L’artiste et le dire-vrai” of Michel Richard and KIT 2010.

Creation of Athanor for exhibition Avignon-Sienne, l’Héritage artistique de Simone Martini, Musée du Petit Palais, Avignon 2009.

Light design of Abbaye aux Dames in Saintes en Charente 2012.

He has worked with Dame de Pic Company since 2001 on the creation, conception and production of scenography elements in Capture d’un Caillot (2001), Brutalis (2002), le Chant d’amour du Grand singe (2005), Holeulone (2005), Humus vertebra (2009). He is performer in Lamali Lokta (2012).