Skater and history student, Thomas Chopin launched himself into the theatre world. He first amused himself performing as a self-taught circus artist and stage director. In parallel, he trained as an actor and dancer at the Theatre University in Nantes (France) whilst working in dance, mime, circus and theatre. His first parts were in comedy pieces directed by Carlo Boso and Pascal Arbeille. He then founded L’intestine Dance Company with Laetitia Angot whom he met at the Samovar Dance Theatre. Together, they choreographed several pieces of slapstick comedy in which he played a lover coupled with a monster. He then turned his attention to text, playing an anarchist from the Bonnot Gang, directed by D.Verrier, based on a text by E.Labrusse Les Hommes de rien et des victimes et des bourreaux directed by G.Chauviré, based on a text by R.W.Fassbinder Preparadise Sorry Now. He brought dance and gesticulation together in Phébus et Borée directed by Karine Ponties, a project arising from the Fables à la fontaine by Annie Sellem and in Peplum directed by Nasser Martin Gousset. He made his cinema debut in Avalez des couleuvres directed by D. Perrier, and Polichinelle by D.Braun, playing a shifty steward and a future borderline father. He performed for Philippe Menard and Alexandre Pavlatta. in 2012 he creates his own company “L’Infini turbulent”. He wrote already seven pieces.