Quentin SIMON

Comedian and artistic adviser

Quentin Simon graduated with a degree in Theatre from the Mons Conservatory (Belgium) in 2006. That summer, he directed Albatros by Fabrice Melquiot.

In 2007, he worked with the Cie Les Orgueset and assisted Peggy Thomas on Bobby Fischer vit à Pasadena (winner of the Best Discovery at the 2008 Belgian Critics’ Awards). He played in Babel ou le Ballet des incompatibles, Valse, L’Eveil du printemps (winner in the Best Direction and Best Set Design categories at the 2018 Belgian Critics’ Awards), D’Ordinaire Remué, L’Ampoule… He later worked as assistant director to Frédéric Dussenne on Lucrèce Borgia, Occident, Crever d’amour, Botala Mindele ; Michael Delaunoy on La Ville, Oh les beaux jours & Funérailles d’Hiver ; and Antoine Laubin on Crâne & Le roman d’Antoine Doinel, was Michael Delaunoy’s dramaturgy advisor at Théâtre du Rideau in Brussels from 2016 to 2019.

He works as technician for Dame de Pic/Cie Karine Ponties.