Brutalis – Biennale nationale de danse du val-de-Marne

Maria-Daniella Strouthou

Biennale National de danse du Val-de-Marne

“Brutalis” un solo six sensibilities

Karine Ponties surprises again in a solo work rich in artistic complicities.

Karine Ponties possesses above all an extraordinary sense of dialogue in which she engages herself with the public as soon as she gets on stage. The audience reactions are very alive and spontaneous and are a signature of all her creations. More of a reason in order to give on self the chance and pleasure to watch them, to watch this new solo, full of complementary richness, a great lighting design, a plastic artist, a drawer and a musician. It’s a kind of defeating challenge taking bay all of them together in this marvellous trip, everything done with great results. She leaves her traces all over though, her signature is all over the piece, she goes to meet all possibilities of encounter, fragmentation, amusing, assuming the irony to the point of self sarcasm, to vindicate the primary material, anaesthetics, uneasy. A sort of front façade behind which we find an estrange and uncommon body control. “Brutalis” delivers an intimate dance brought trough an underground sparklingly effect, that leaves us to discover this appearance sometimes simple and others a kind of overflowing emotional senses that don’t stop coming out the pretending flat surface.

(translated by Jordi Granados)